Useful Links For Web3 Builders

NFT's bring together a wide variety of different professions, fields and interests. Though many of us are tech-savyy, the majority of people in NFTs might not know the specific of how they work. 

Adding something as simple as a wallet login or nft minting function to a webpage usually takes a developer or expensive tools. But luckily for us, there are some amazing free tools available to make your NFT dream come true!

Today we have compiled a list of useful sites to checkout if you're interested in launching a project. 



Web3 Auth

Adding an auth solution for your users to gateway content usually requires a lot of leg work both frontend and backend. Either using an API like or implement your own with a developer. But with Web3Auth you can get started in minutes!

web3 auth sample

They have tons of free guides, and even offer support to use traditional providers like Twitter, Google, Facebook etc. Which is linked to a wallet on their own blockchain for easy access to web3 content. 

It's not your traditional metamask onboarding button but it will get you ready to ship your product faster.

thirdweb tools


We came across this website when finding out how to implement some of our own solutions like a minting page, minting reminder and so on. ThirdWeb offers a lot of no-code/low-code solutions for users to do anythig from create a drop to create custom auctions for NFTs. All of this is completely customizable and up to you to make. Unlike using a bigger platform like OpenSea, ThirdWeb let's you create and own your own platform. We believe that is the true spirt of NFTs & decentralized web anyways.

Go check it out!




Metaplex is a website that offers creators the ability to easily launch NFT collections of Solana blockchain. Solana is built on the programming language called Rust, which can be difficult for even programmers to master. And with lacking alternatives to OpenSea for Solana, this website provides an easy way to get started making solana NFTs.