Where to find your Smart Contract's ABI

What is a Contract ABI?

A contract ABI first and foremost, describes the smart contract that it is built on. Here is a quick example of what a contract ABI looks like: 

Contract ABI

This is simply a large list of the variables that are seen within a smart contract. For the most part, you don't need to know or understand what's going on in this contract ABI. You must however ensure that when copy & pasting this large string that there aren't any mistakes. Contract ABI's are in a json format so that your web browser knows how to interpret the string.

Here is an example form that you might see where you need to copy and paste your contract ABI. 

Contract ABI Form

Connecting this contract ABI will let you create your own minting page


This page allows us to create a website that has our smart contract linked together. Linking your smart contract to your website allows you to do things like create a 'mint' button or a wallet login button. Which are essential for doing any web3 stuff on the web.


If you're interested in building your own minting site, or just playing around with web3, go checkout our website builder at oojubuilder.xyz

Now let's briefly talk about smart contracts, how to make them and how they work.

Smart Contract Basics

Before beginning the actual creation of a smart contract, let's briefly breakdown how smart contracts work. Smart contracts allow users, websites, and applications all talk to the blockchain. On the most basic level they are allowed to read/write blockchain data. You might think of Ethereum chain itself as one large smart contract. By default smart contracts are immutable. Once deployed to the blockchain, it cannot be modified, even by its owner. Thus this makes creating and using smart contracts much harder than traditional code.


Smart Contract

Smart contracts basically look like this


Smart Contracts are used when deploying an NFT image to the blockchain aswell. However, these smart contracts usually look similar because an NFT only has a couple of main functions. Think about all the things a customer and shop can do: sell, buy, list for sale, receive payments, make payments. These 'methods' are the same for a smart contract. Just like the ability to receive cash with a cash register, a smart contract needs that same code to function. 

Ooju provides its own smart contract generator for anyone to use to deploy their NFTs. We've already had a few people even deploy their own collections


Ooju users' work

An ooju users' collection deployed!


You can checkout our free tool on generating smart contracts here: Smart Contract Generator

Hopefull you've learned now what a smart contract does, stay tuned for more updates on how to build your own smart contracts, nft collections and more at Ooju.